All New Arrivals

Compact Industrial SCARA
Compact Industrial Robot with light weight space saving arm. Its high speed operation is best suited for pick and place, labelling, tracking
Touch Panel HMI with Built-In PLC
The TP70P Series adopts a 65535 colors LCD touchscreen, supports Deltas controllers, and can be connected to all series of Deltas AC servo drives, AC motor drives, and temperature controllers. With four models providing different I/O configurations and supporting various output types, the TP70P Series high flexibility saves wiring cost and offers the best HMI and I/O control solution.
Auto Focus Multi Code Reader
Smallest in class with auto focus to read different codes at varying distance
AC Servo Systems
Safety over EtherCAT, 200W ~ 3kW, Advanced Safety Functions
Laser Markers
Great for either deep or shallow engraving in metals, marking on plastics/resins or plastic films, and for fine processing. Mark anything from electronic parts to automotive parts.
7", 10" HMIs
The GOT Simple Series provides an operator interface for systems that require cost-effective performance. The GS Series built-in functionality provides a platform that enhances other Mitsubishi Electric components in the system with monitor tools, backup/restore of programs, and data transfer functions.
Perimeter Guard Safety Light Curtains
For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who make very large machines that do not require frequent access, traditional safeguarding methods can become very costly and inefficient during maintenance periods. The F3SG-PG provides an effective solution to safeguard large machines up to 110m of protection range. With the 3 color Area Beam indicators (ABIs) for alignment help, F3SG-PG provides a quick and simple solution for guarding large machines.
Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
This series offers a complete lineup of light curtains that comply with global safety standards and a wide range of functionality that covers all aspects from design through to maintenance. The F3SG-SR Series helps manufacturers build safety systems.
Compact Scara Robot
The i4L is a compact SCARA robot which offers strong performance at the lowest cost of ownership. Simple integration with compact design, easy wall or table mounting and unique Ethernet or EtherCAT connectivity in the base. Maximize uptime by means of interactive maintenance alarms and an RGB dome light.
Safety Relay Units
The SFC-R series safety controllers are used together with safety input devices (switches, sensors, etc.) to provide safe working environments. The controllers feature self-diagnosis function and safety integrity to meet safety standards. The space-saving slim design and screw or screw-less push-in connection allows easy installation.
Environment-resistive Remote Terminal NXR-series IO-Link I/O Hub
Environment resistive Remote Terminals that streamline commissioning and maintenenace of production equipment. Simple and quick setup and commissioning. Reduced wiring system with IO - Link
Environment-resistive Remote Terminal NXR-series IO-Link Master Unit for EtherNet/IP™
Environment resistive Remote Terminals that streamline commissioning and maintenenace of production equipment. Simple and quick setup and commissioning.