All New Arrivals

Industrial Label Printer
The Honeywell PM42 mid-range industrial label printer is designed for maximum reliability and uptime. With a durable construction and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, its ideal for distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing, transportation and retail environments.
Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer
Easy to install and ready to print quickly, the streamlined PC42t thermal transfer desktop printer is an economical choice for media up to 110 mm (4.3 in) wide. Able to accommodate large ribbon sizes, the PC42t printer can print longer before needing media replenishment, thus improving the productivity of labeling workflows.
Industrial DPM Area-Imaging Scanner
Part of the durable Granit family, the Granit 1920i scanner captures virtually any direct part mark with ease, along with standard barcodes on printed labels.
Wearable Mini Mobile Computer
The 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer is Honeywells most advanced compact, ergonomic, high-performance Bluetooth-wearable scanning solution worn on one hand and designed to help businesses streamline high-volume workflows such as picking, sorting, putaway, and packing for increased speed and efficiency with every transaction.
Laser Scanner with CodeGate
The Orbit 7120 and 7180 scanners are innovative, elegant and affordable with an award-winning design thats just the right fit for convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium.
High-speed Analog Input Unit
Simultaneous sampling of 4 channels with sampling times down to 5 ?s
High Speed RFID Unit
RFID V680 communications units create faster and more consistent field networks, supports controller distribution, and enables better traceability
Switch Mode Power Supply (240/480/960-W Models)
New Three-phase 200-V Power Supplies. A solution to the problem of phase imbalance required in the semiconductor and FPD industries. Supports quick identification of error locations with three LEDs. Enables the start of high-capacity load at 150% peak current
Switch Mode Power Supply (60/120/240/480-W Models)
EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP-Compatible Maximizing System Availability Through the Connecting of Equipment to IoT
Laser Scanner
The LSE series utilizes time-of-flight (ToF) method using infrared lasers to accurately detect object presence within a 5.6 m x 5.6 m detection area (90°). The scanners offer 4 separate laser beam channels which can be activated individually or simultaneously depending on detection requirements. The units can also set concentrated monitoring areas and non-detection areas for flexible application in diverse environments. The LSE series can be configured and monitored on PCs using the dedicated software, atLidar. Users can also configure and manage the units using the provided infrared remote control.
Specialty Limit Switches
The elastomer boot on the BAF1 Series sealed actuator versions protects the actuating mechanism and the internal basic switch from contaminants. There is a seal gasket between the cover plate and the enclosures on all versions. The cover plate is removed for ease of wiring and switch replacement without demounting the switch.
Laser Line Generator
Powerful Short-throw Laser Beam for Precise Horizontal Line generation. 24VDC Input with upto 3m Effective Operating Range