Motion & Power Solutions
The One Stop Solution Provider for all your Motion, Power Control and Robotic Requirements. Presenting a Complete Range of Motors, Drives, Robots and Precision Motion Controllers and Total Power Quality Solutions.
General Purpose Servo
Reliable AC Servo Motors & Drives that suits Most Common Applications. Avaiable in Slotted and Smoth Shaft types with various Fieldbus Communication options from Mitsubishi, Delta & Oriental Motor
High Performance Servo
High Performance AC Servo Motors & Drives for High Speed Demanding Applications. Available in Medium, High Inertia and Motor Configurations including Linear Motors from Omron, Mitsubishi & Delta
General Purpose VFDs
Reliable Variable Frequency Drives or Inverters with a proven Track Record for General Purpose VFD requirements from Omron, Mitsubishi & Delta
Heavy Duty VFDs
Advanced, High Performance Durable VFDs (Inverters) with Smart/ PLC functions and High Overload Rating designed for the Most Demanding Applicatons and Harsh Environments by Mitsubishi & Delta
HES Drive for Injection Moulding
Path breaking Energy Saving Products from Delta for the Injection Moulding Area. The Hybrid Energy Saving System solves the energy wastage in the Injection Moulding process by saving upto 40% compared to Variable Pump Hydraulic Systems
Motion Controllers
Best in the Business, Offering Class Leading Flexibility and Accuracy for Complex and Precision Motion Control Applications. We are proud to present Delta-TAU range of Motion Controllers. Also presenting cost effective Multi-axis Controllers from Omron & Delta
CNC Controller
Advanced, High Speed, Reliable 64 bit Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNC) with Class Leading Performance and Easy to use Features and running standard G/M Code from Mitsubishi
Industrial UPS
Reliable, High Performance Industrial UPS (Uninterupted Power Supplies) upto 20kVA from the Delta & Control Panel UPS from Omron
Active Front End
Active Front End from Delta is a controllable Rectifier that provides bidirectional power exchange between AC & DC, regenerating usable power to the mains. AFE Maintains THD<5% & Corrects PF to 99%
Active Power Filter
Active Power Filter from Delta is an Advanced Power Quality device that produces compensating Sine Waves to reduce Harmonics by upto 90% and provides a Clean & Safe Power to Reduce Heat and Increase Machine Life
Static VAR Generator
Offering Current Type Static VAR Compensators from Delta. Reduce the Reactive Power Output and Reduce the Harmonics & other distortations due to Electronics use and Non Linear Load with Delta SVCs