Control Components
Wide range of Indicators, Meters and Controllers ranging from basic function type to fully featured PID & Ramp Soak type. Intech is your one stop solution for all your Indication & Control needs.
A Wide Selection of High Performance & High Reliability Analog, Digital & Electromechanical Timers from Omron & Autonics that caters to All Industrial Applications
High Quality, Reliable Range of Digital Preset Counters from Omron & Autonics for Part Counting Application in all Industrial Applications
Preset Timer/ Counter/ Tacho
High Performance Digital Preset Counters with Timer & Tacho functionality & Advanced functions like Batchine, Pre-scalling, Totalizing & more to suit all Industrial Applications from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics
Totalizers & Loop Powered Counters
Long Life Indication Only Miniature LCD Loop/ Battery Powered & LED Time Totalizers, Tacho. & Loop Counters from Inno, Omron & Autonics
Daily/ Weekly/ Yearly Timers
Presenting a Wide Range of Digital Real Time Switches or Day, Week, Year Timers with Multiple Alarm & Output options for a wide range of Applications from Omron & Autonics
Temperature Controllers
A Wide Range of High Reliability General Purpose PID Temperature Controllers with for Packaging, Production and other Industrial Uses from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics
Advanced Temperature Controllers
Advanced Temperature PID Controllers from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics with Advanced Algorithims, Communication & Analog Outputs for Critical Applications
Multi Channel & Modular Temperature Controllers
High Reliability, Advanced Functionality Modular, Multi Channel & PLC Add on PID Temperature Controllers for Complex Applications from Omron, Delta & Autonics
Digital V/ A/ Hz/ Pulse Meter
High Quaity Panel Meters for Power Monitoring with Advanced Signal Processing from Inno, Omron & Autonics
Digital Panel Meters
Compact, High Reliability Digital Panel Meters for all Process Signals from Inno, Omron & Autonics. A Comprehensive & Feature Rich Line-up that covers most Industrial Requirements
Chart & Digital Recorders
High Reliability, High Performance Process Recorders from Autonics. Available in Paper, Hybrid & Paperless Touch Screen Versions with Multi Channel High Speed Tracking & Logging
Sensor Controllers
High Reliability Sensor Controllers with Built-in AC to DC Power Supply and configfurable Relay Outputs for AC/ DC Sensors from Omron & Autonics
Isolated Signal Converters
Compact, Head Mounted & Din Rail Mounted Isolated Signal Converters for Process Values such as Temperature, Pressure, etc., from Inno & Autonics
Thyristor Power Controllers
Fast & High Precision Thyristor Based Power Controllers for Single & Three Phase Power Control Applications from Omron & Autonics
LED Production Displays
A Wide Variety of LED Display Modules in 7/ 8/ 16/ Dot Matrix Styles from Inno, Omron & Autonics. Available as Stand Alone Units or Intergrated Display Modules with RS-485/ Ethernet Communications