Omron, NX-RS1201
EtherCAT Loadcell Unit
Build a cost saving weighing / measurement system by using load cells

• Sampling as fast as 125 μs

• Accuracy applicable to high-precision load cells (nonlinearity: ±0.01% (full scale), zero drift: ±0.1 μV/°C RTI,gain drift: ±10 ppm/°C)

• Screwless clamping terminal block for easy wiring. Push-in connections speed up installation

• Stable measurements with digital filtering (digital low-pass filter, moving average filter 1, and moving average filter 2)

• Optimum digital filter design using data tracing

• Cable disconnection check using sensor disconnection test

• Connection to the CJ-series is possible by connecting with the EtherNet/IPTM coupler.

Sysmac is a trademark or registered trademark of OMRON corporation in Japan and other countries for OMRON factory automation products.
EtherCAT® is a registered trademark of beckhoff automation GmbH for their patented technology. EtherNet/IPTM is the trademarks of ODVA.
Other company names and product names in this document are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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