Omron, E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Series
Programmable Temperature Controller (96 x 96/ 48 x 96 mm)
E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Series
Programmable Controllers Join the Series! Program up to 256 segments and take advantage of the high cost performance of the new LCD that improves both the field of view and contrast.

Programmable Models Now Added to the Series, Which Already Has Three Million Controllers in Service

The new models carry on the simple operation and low cost of the series.
A wide variety of applications can be handled by using program settings with up to 256 segments.

High-level of Basic Performance to Meet a Broad Range of Needs

High Precision

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 3

Thermocouple or Pt: ±0.1% PV,
Analog input: 0.1% FS

High-resolution for Measurements, Fluctuation Detection, and Logging of Temperature and Humidity in Environmental Testing Equipment

High-speed Sampling Period

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 4

Sampling Rate Sufficient to Handle Rapid Increases in Temperature
Stable Control of Objects Requiring High-speed Response by Handling Rapid Increases in Temperature, Such As for Ceramic Heaters

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 5

Five Digits and K Thermocouple

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 6

Five-digit PV/SV Display to 0.01°C for High Performance
Display to 0.01°C for Pt, K, J, or T.
Enables high-precision temperature control.

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 7

Programmable Models Added to Lineup to Support a Broader Range of Applications

Up to 256 Segments

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 9

You can program up to 8 programs × 32 segments.

The CX-Thermo Support Software (Sold Separately) Enables Easy Setting and Control of Programs.

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 10

High Cost Performance Makes Selection Easy

Best Value in a Programmable Temperature Controller at an Affordable Price.

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 12

Easy Setting and Monitoring

Easy Parameter Setting on a Computer Using the CX-Thermo (Sold Separately)
Using the trend monitor enables easy adjustment and maintenance.

Parameter Masking

Customize the menu display to match the worksite. Display can be turned OFF for parameters that are not necessary to better match the worksite.
This helps prevent incorrect operation for both the operator and the Controller.

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 14

Infrared Communications Port

Perform communications with a computer by using the infrared communications port on the front panel (except for the E5CN-H and E5CN-HT). The ability to use CX-Thermo from the front panel after the Controller has been mounted to a control panel reduces maintenance time.

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 15

Easy Logic Operations

Easily perform logic operations without a PLC.
Effectively use limited I/O by combining I/O bit status and alarm status through AND and OR logic operations or by inverting event input logic.

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 16

New Liquid Crystal Display Provides Superior Visibility

New, High-visibility Display That Is Ideal for High-performance Temperature Controllers

E5AN-HT, E5EN-HT Features 18

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