Omron, KM-N3-FLK Series
Power Monitors
KM-N3-FLK Series
Global power monitor for on-panel installation

The New KM-N2 and KM-N3 power monitors

Energy management starts by continuously monitoring power.
The KN-N2 and KN-N3 enable all types of power measurement with easy installation and easy system construction.
You can mount them on or in control panels and distribution boards and take advantage of their compatibility with power supplies around the world.

KM-N3-FLK Features 1

Many host communications methods

KM-N3-FLK Features 2

Multi-address System

KM-N3-FLK Features 3

Push-In Plus Terminal Block

The structure of Push-In Plus terminal blocks helps reduce wiring mistakes with easy-to-insert terminals that hold wires firmly (RS-485 communications and pulse output terminals).

KM-N3-FLK Features 4

Efficient Initial Setting Tool *1

- Easy-to-use setting functions of the communications and measurement conditions
- Save/Load setting by CSV file

KM-N3-FLK Features 6

*1. Supported Version of main unit: V2.0.0 or higher for all models.
*2. Except for KM-N2-FLK.
*3. For this software, compatibility of the USB/RS-485 converter has been verified for SI-35USB (LINEEYE Co.,Ltd.). K3SC-10 is not compatible.

Wiring Error Detection

KM-N3-FLK Features 7

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