Autonics, ACR Series
Rising Clamp Type Terminal Blocks
ACR Series
The ACR series common terminal blocks utilize rising clamp type connection with built-in screws for easy, secure connection. The terminal blocks come equipped with common wiring on the PCB, removing the need for jumper bars. The compact design with 5 mm terminal pitch allows flexible installation in limited spaces.

  • Rising clamp type connection method offers easy and durable connection
  • Common wiring on PCB, jumper bar not required
  • For use as power supply expansion terminal blocks
  • Slim and compact design with 5 mm terminal pitch
  • DIN rail mount and screw mount methods
  • closed-loop

    Simple and Secure Connection Method

    The ACR series feature rising clamp type connection, with built-in screws for simple and easy connection. This connection method offers high vibration resistance and secure and durable connection.


    Slim and Compact Design

    The slim and compact design with 5 mm terminal pitch allows space-saving installation.


    DIN Rail and Screw Mount Methods

    The ACR series support both DIN rail mount and screw mount methods, for easy application in diverse environments.


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