Tire Types and Destination Discrimination

Problem: The manufacture and delivery of tires is carried out systematically based on a production plan. Urgent items, however, must be sorted by hand, giving rise to human error, such as destination direction, model discrimination, and quantity counting errors. The hangers vary with the size and type of tire and so conveyance efficiency is very low. Sorting is performed using bar codes on the tires but dirt on the label can lead to reading errors and it takes time to check the tires. When mounting a tire onto a hanger, write information regarding the tire type, the destination direction, and urgent-item flags to a Data Carrier (ID Tag) mounted to the hanger. Perform sorting (automatically) based on information regarding the tire type and destination direction read from the Data Carrier using a R/W Head (Antenna) mounted to the sorting point in the hanger conveyance system. Display information related to urgent-item flags on display devices.