Controls Parts for High-speed Mounters

Problem: Control is based on instruction sheets and so human error can occur when cassettes are mounted to the mounter. Also, in order to prevent errors, multiple reading is used. This means that work efficiency is low and personnel expenses are high. The remaining number of parts is ascertained, in cassette units, using paper and the human eye. This is insufficient for effective control and leads to large stock losses. In particular, stock inventory is not possible unless the line is stopped for several days. The parts mounted to the mounter are insufficient and there are frequent mounter stoppages due to missing parts. Read the part information (e.g. part number, part name, and quantity) written in the bar code on the part reel, and write the information to the Data Carrier (ID Tag) mounted to the cassette. After mounting the cassette to the mounter, automatically read the cassette information, check the part information and remaining quantity, and perform verification with the mounting program. Use an alarm to provide notification of cassette mounting errors and insufficiencies in remaining parts. After the mounting process is completed, write the latest information on the number of remaining parts, based on the mounter's data, to the Data Carrier.