Autonics, AK-G Series
Geared Stepper Motors
AK-G Series
The shaft type 5-phase stepper motors AK Series, deliver reliable performance at low costs. The motors will satisfy users looking for motors with high precision, speed, and torque. The AK-G Series are geared shaft type stepper motors which offer higher torque from compact sizes and flexible angular control.

• Compact design and light weight with high accuracy, speed and torque
• Cost-effective
• Backlash
Frame size 42mm: ±35' (0.58°),
60mm: ±20' (0.33°), 85mm: ±15' (0.25°)
• Brake force is released when applying 24VDC on brake wire
• Basic step angle
1:5→ 0.144°, 1:7.2→ 0.1°, 1:10→ 0.072°
• Allowable speed
1:5→ 0 to 360rpm, 1:7.2→ 0 to 250rpm
1:10→ 0 to 180rpm

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