Omron, ZW-7000/ 5000 Series
Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensors
ZW-7000/ 5000 Series
Reliable measurements for any material and surface types

[Measure accurately] For all quality inspections, from parts to finished products

Strict quality control, demands for appearance inspection and production speed are constantly increasing. To meet these demands, stable measurements during movement for quality inspection without compromising manufacturing speed is required. Harnessing the benefits of the white light confocal principle, the ZW-7000/5000 Series can provide stable measurements for different material types (glass, metal, plastic, etc.) and shapes (round, flat, uneven, etc).

Profile measurement

Small laser spot for faithful measurement

When measuring a level difference or opening with a traditional laser displacement sensor, reflection from multiple surfaces could blunt a profile and then the edge detection position could be shifted, thus resulting in a drop in precision of position detection, whereas the ZW-5000 with minimal spot diameter of 10μm can avoid the reflection from multiple surfaces and thus acquire a sharp profile, which leads to improved precision of position detection.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 3

Inclined or curved surfaces

Omron's, unique, white light confocal Measurement value displacement sensor provides higher resolution measurements of angled or curved and shiny surfaces than traditional laser displacement sensors.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 4

Different materials

With a traditional laser displacement sensors, it is required to re-tune after the sensor head direction is changed for a different material type.
Our white light confocal displacement sensor can measure a different material types while moving, without needing to re-tune the sensor nor changing the sensor head or installation direction.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 5

Flatness of coarse surfaces *2

Our white light confocal displacement sensors can provide accurate flatness measurement by tracing an object without being affected by its excessive reflection, the sensor head direction, nor the material hairline direction, which are difficult to track with a traditional laser displacement sensor.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 6

High-speed sampling for accurate shape measurements

Using traditional laser sensors, the measurement accuracy for a moving target can be achieved by increasing the averaging times, but downside is that this lowers the profile reproduction accuracy.The ZW-7000 acquires a sharp profile by a single sampling as fast as 20 μs without averaging, solving this issue.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 7

*1. Typical value of the ZW-S7010/ZW-S5010 Sensor Heads.
*2. Objects with machining marks or hairline pattern
Note. All measurement graphs represent typical examples. Measurement may be affected by the shape or material of an object to measure.Before final installation, preliminary testing must be done to validate expected performance.

[Measure more objects quickly] Efficient installation and motion solutions increase manufacturing speed

Robots and stages are used for assembly and inspection to increase productivity.
Manufacturers require measuring devices that are easy to integrate into small-sized machines and easy to move.
The compact and lightweight ZW-7000/5000 Series sensor head eliminates issues of installation space and installation on moving parts.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 9

Increase throughput: Simultaneous measurements can be achieved using multiple sensor heads

Space restrictions prevent side-by-side installation of many traditional laser displacement sensors. The compact ZW-7000 sensor heads can be installed side by side to obtain multiple measurements at once, instead of measuring one at a time, thus reducing measurement time.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 10

Increase speed: Reduce settling time

The light weight of the sensor head greatly reduces the waiting time for the oscillation to stop when power cylinders are used to move the sensor head('s) to the measurement position, resulting in faster measurements.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 11

Save Time and Money: No need to rotate the sensor

A traditional laser displacement sensor measures the height of an object based on the position of the spot on the receiver. The machine requires an extra step to rotate the sensor according to the object shape or moving direction. Our white light confocal displacement sensor can measure from the same installation position while moving in any direction, with no restriction on installation direction.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 12

Flexible fiber cable for easy installation

The controller connects to the sensor head through a 3 mm diameter flexible fiber cable. The cable has cleared a bending test consisting of 3,000,000 repetitions* for reliable application on moving parts.

* Omron's bending test condition v3,000,000 bends to a 20 mm bending radius

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 13

Expansion of extension fiber cable lineup

Up to 30 m long cable is available. An extension fiber cable can be used to extend the distance to up to 32 m, supporting a flexible wiring in a large machine.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 14

[Set up quickly] Easy to design and tune

Quick installation of sensors is required to set up manufacturing equipment in a short time to meet the market needs.
The ZW-7000/5000 Series, using the white light confocal principle, reduces significantly the time required to implement measures that are necessary when using laser displacement sensors.

Easy device selection

There is no need to select different sensor heads for different objects, which saves the time required when purchasing and designing. This leads to reductions in set-up work and inventory costs.

Reduced work - EMC measures and thermal design are not required

The sensor head design maintains stable operation in installations with electronic or magnetic noise.
Devices in close proximity and measurement values will not be affected by noise or heat from the sensor head.

Reduced work for installation and tuning of sensor heads

The white light confocal principle allows stable measurements without fine tuning.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 18

Efficient setting for multiple ZW-7000's

You can make settings for all of devices that are connected via EtherCAT with the Automation Software Sysmac Studio.
Even when you combine many sensors, you can copy the program data to effectively integrate several sensors or you can easily program the processing between the sensors.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 19

[DLL] Quick integration into machine HMI

DLL files are provided to easily display ZW-7000/5000 Series setting screens and measurement results on a Windows/Mac OS PC used as a machine HMI.

Provided DLL

· Settings and measurement conditions reference
· Acquiring measurement values
· Acquiring light received waveforms
· Logging control

* If you register as a member after purchasing the product, you can download DLL for free. Refer to the member registration sheet that is enclosed with the product for details.

No laser safety measures required

A white LED*, used as the light source instead of a laser, eliminates time to implement safety measures around the machine and the need for safe use training for workers.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 23

Further Benefits of White light confocal

No Discrepancy in the Measurement Point

With traditional laser displacement sensor, the measurement position and spot size vary with the height. This means there are times when the position cannot be measured with high resolution due to warping and inclination. With the white light confocal displacement sensor used in the ZW-7000/5000 Series, the measurement point remains the same at any position in the measuring range so that precise measurements can always be made.

Measurement in narrow area and by the wall

When the traditional laser displacement sensor measures the inside of a narrow tube or the height of a small depression, the wall often obstructs the reflected light, and the orientation of the sensor and workpiece must be adjusted many times. The ZW-7000/5000 Series using the white light confocal displacement sensor can measure the points in narrow spaces or small objects, without changing its installation orientation, because the emitted light and reflected light are positioned along the same axis.

ZW-7000 / 5000 Series Features 27

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