Autonics, MX4W
LCD Display Multi Panel Meter
The MX4W series digital panel meters feature LCD displays with large, easy-to read white PV characters (display height: 19 mm). The DIN W 96 x H 48 mm panel meters also feature 12-segment displays, useful for displaying various alphanumeric characters. The series also features diverse input options for application in various settings. The input and power terminals are isolated which allow multiple units to be powered by the same power supply. The panel meters also feature various other options including power factor display function for displaying analog outputs from power factor converters. The compact 20 mm rear-length size allows flexible installation in limited spaces.

  • LCD display with easy-to-read white PV characters
  • Isolated input and power modules allow powering of multiple units using a single power supply
  • Compact, space-saving design (rear-length: 20 mm): reduced rear-length size by 78% compared to same DIN size panel meters (MT4W)
  • Various input options (by model) - Input options: DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current
  • Maximum allowed input: 500 VDC, 500 VAC, DC 5 A, AC 5 A
  • Display range: -9999 to 9999
  • High/low-limit display scale function
  • AC frequency measurement (range: 0.100 to 1200 Hz)
  • Preset output: OUT1, OUT2 (NPN/PNP open collector output)
  • Power factor display/output function : displays analog outputs (1-5 V, 4-20 mA) from power factor converters as -0.50~1.00~0.50
  • Various functions : peak display value monitoring, display cycle delay, zero-point adjustment, peak display value correction, etc.
  • Power supply: 24-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 24-240 VDC universal
  • closed-loop

    Large LCD Display with Easy-to-Read White PV Characters

    Large LCD displays with large PV characters (display character height: 19 mm) allow easier status readings in diverse environments.


    12-Segment Display Provides Improved Readability

    The 12-segment display provides improved readability of alphanumeric characters.


    Various Input Options Available

    Various input options are available including DC voltage/current minus inputs, and also supports OUT1 and OUT2 preset outputs for flexible application in various user environments.


    Compact Design with 20 mm Rear-Length

    The rear-length size has been reduced by 80% compared to similar sized (DIN 96 x 48 mm) models (MT4W) from Autonics. The 20 mm rear-length size allows easy installation in limited spaces.


    Isolated Input, Output, Power Supply Modules

    The isolated input, output, and power supply modules allow powering of multiple units using a single power supply.


    Power Factor Display and Output

    Displays analog outputs (1-5 V, 4-20 mA) from power factor converters as -.0.50~1.00~0.50, and output is also possible depending on the preset operation mode setup.


    High/Low Limit Display Scale Function

    The high/low limit display scale function allows users to choose and display the minimum and maximum value of target input.


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