Autonics, B6MA Series
Melody Buzzers
B6MA Series
∅66 mm melody buzzers B6MA Series offers 4 different melodies (ambulance, police siren, phone ring, Für Elise). The buzzers provide rich sound with volume up to 95dB (at 1 meter). The front plate also has an IP65 rating, and can be safely applied in wet or dust environments.

• 4 different melodies (ambulance, police siren, phone ring, Für Elise)
• Check operation status with operation indicator (red LED)
• End sleeves (ferrule terminal) provide simple wiring
• Power supply: 12-24VDC, 110-220VAC 50/60 Hz
• Max volume: up to 95dB (at 1 m), •105dB (at 0.1 m)
• Installation diameter: Ø66 mm
• Installation method: screw-on method
• IP65 protection structure (IEC standard, front-plate only)

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