Mitsubishi, GOT2000 GT25 - Wide Series
Wide Screen HMIs
GOT2000 GT25 - Wide Series
Large Display area in Wide Screen and High Resolution.
Enhanced lineup with small bezels, Black & Metallic Silver Color Options
GOT Mobile & GOT Drive expand possibilities of factory systems
Vertical Display with Portrait Mode
Aways Display Function for Menu.

GOT2000 widescreen expands your view

Various interfaces are equipped in a compact body.
The GOT wide model embodies the ideal features of HMI.

GT25 Wide

✔ Improve visibility and operation of your application with GOT wide model

✔ Convey information easily and reliably with sound

✔ GOT Smart Web-based Remote Solutions

✔ GOT Easy Drive Control Interactive Solutions

✔ Easily connect to various industrial devices



Various interfaces are equipped in a compact body

The stylish design realized with a narrow bezel. The GOT2000 wide models are available in a choice of silver and black.
Two Ethernet ports and the built-in sound output interface* equipped as standard add value to your system.
* A speaker with built-in amplifier is required separately.


Ultra high resolution WXGA: 1280 × 800 dots

Ultra high resolution WXGA:
1280 × 800 dots
*12.1 inch model, 10.1 inch model

Two Ethernet ports are equipped as standard

Two Ethernet ports are equipped as standard

Built-in sound output interface

Built-in sound output interface

Support wireless LAN communication unit

Support wireless LAN communication unit


Item Specifications
Display 12.1" widescreen,
TFT color LCD,
65536 colors
10.1" widescreen,
TFT color LCD,
65536 colors
7" widescreen,
TFT color LCD,
65536 colors
Resolution WXGA
1280 × 800 dots
800 × 480 dots
Backlight White LED
User memory Memory for storage (ROM): 32 MB
Memory for operation (RAM): 128 MB
Standard interface Ethernet (2 ports), RS-232, RS-422/485
USB host (USB-A): 1 channel (USB 2.0 (High-Speed 480 Mbps))
USB device (USB Mini-B): 1 channel (USB 2.0 (High-Speed 480 Mbps))
Sound output interface (φ3.5 minijack)
SD memory card interface
Extension interface -
Wireless LAN communication unit interface For installing a wireless LAN communication unit


GT25 wide model external appearance [front face/rear face] *10.1 inch model

GT25 Wide Front
GT25 Wide Back


Ultra high resolution display improves expressiveness

Ultra high resolution WXGA screen* displays necessary and sufficient information on one screen. Small characters can be displayed clearly.
* WXGA display on the 12.1 inch model and 10.1 inch model. WVGA display on the 7 inch model.

GT25 wide-screen


Enable separation of information and control system networks

Two Ethernet ports physically separate the information system network in the office from the control system network at the production site. The network architecture becomes safer and more secure by setting different IP addresses for each network.

GT25 connect-one


Add value to your system with sound notification

The built-in sound output interface makes it easy to implement the sound notification system. Not only by displaying the contents of events on the screen but also by notifying with sound, you can convey the necessary information to the operators.

GT25 Remote


Wireless network makes remote maintenance easy

Installing the wireless LAN communication unit on GOT enables wireless LAN connection between a personal computer and the GOT*. In addition to transferring project data, you can use the FA transparent function, the GOT Mobile function, and others.
* A separate access point can also be used.

GT25 wide-screen enhanced


GT25 wide map

GT25 Wide Map

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