Mitsubishi, FX5UC Series
iQ-F Smart Programmable Controllers
FX5UC Series
Compact body packed with diverse functions.The expansion module compatible with FX5UC is compact and easy-to-use, and helps to downsize your system. Easily connect to the FX5 and FX3 expansion modules with the variety of conversion modules available.


Flagship model equipped with advanced built-in functions and diverse expandability.

Melsec iQ-F


Compact body packed with diverse functions.

Melsec iQ-F

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ATEX Compliant HMI
Innovative display features in simply designed body
Enhanced lineup with open frame models
GOT Mobile & GOT Drive expand possibilities of factory systems
High Speed Digital Fiber Amplifiers
Digital High Speed Optical Fiber Sensor Amplifier with Auto Sensitivity and power Control. High power LED for longer sensing distance. High speed sensing featured with NPN , PNP and Analog output with 2m cable
Slim Remote I/O Modules
The ARIO series slim remote I/O offers Ethernet/Fieldbus communication I/O with modular expansion up to 64 units in various I/O types. The coupler modules are available in various communication protocols. The push-in connection method offers simple and easy wiring for improved user convenience. The hot-swap feature allows the terminal unit and body (control) unit of the module to be disconnected from the base (communication) unit without stopping power or communication for easy maintenance.
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