Omron, CP1H Series
Programmable Controllers
CP1H Series
4 Axis position control and comprehensive programmable controller

• Pulse output for 4 axes. Advanced power for high-precision positioning control.

• High-speed counters. Differential phases for 4 axes. Easily handles multi-axis control with a single unit.

• Eight interrupt inputs are built in. Faster processing of approximately 500 instructions speeds up the entire system.

• Serial communications. Two ports. Select Option Boards for either RS-232C or RS-485 communications.

• Ethernet Communications. Enabled by using an Option Board. Two ports can be used as an Ethernet port to perform. Ethernet communications between the CP1H and a host computer.

• Built-in Analog I/O. XA CPU Units provide 4 input words and 2 output words.

• USB Peripheral Port. Another standard feature.

• The structured text (ST) language. Makes math operations even easier.

• Can be used for the CP1W series and CJ series Unit. The extendibility of it is preeminently good.

• LCD displays and settings. Enabled using Option Board.

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