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HD Series
Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs), self-mapping, self-navigation.


Meet the strongest member of OMRON’s family of mobile robots

OMRON is proud to announce the release of the HD-1500, our latest automated mobile robot with a heavy duty payload capacity of 1500kg.

The higher payload capacity allows customers to automate new tasks that were not previously possible, such as the transport of pallet-size loads, engine blocks, and other heavy goods and equipment. The HD-1500 can also automate tasks that are traditionally completed with forklifts, reducing the risk of injury.

Working seamlessly into an integrated OMRON mobile fleet, the HD-1500 allows customers more options in terms of developing the most customizable mobile solution for your factory.

− 1,500 kg payload capacity.

− Based on the same proven technology used in our LD series.

− 360° safety coverage with LiDAR technology

− 35 minutes for full battery charge

− Sturdier metal skins withstand heavier impacts and more demanding tasks.

HD Series

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