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Mobile Robots
LD Series
Autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs), self-mapping, self-navigation.


With the largest install base in the world, OMRON mobile robots are deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries.

LD Series
LD Series


OMRON’s mobile solutions are extremely versatile and can be adapted to perform a wide variety of tasks and applications. We’re also scalable, so we can grow with your business.

Grow Your Business

− Modify layouts to optimize production

Adapt to Changing Environments

− Assembly stations

− Clean rooms

− Order fulfillment

− Loading docks

− Stock rooms

LD Series
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Robots are built for performance. OMRON’s mobile robots handle the performance of simple transport, delivery, and routing chores so your employees can perform higher-value jobs.

OMRON supplies more than robots. We deliver a full ecosystem of automation technology to provide the best solution from one source. Welcome to Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW).

Fleet Operations Workspace puts you in complete control, improving productivity, throughput, and traceability.

LD Series


You need more than a piece of advanced hardware equipment; you need an autonomous material transport system flexible enough to evolve with changing needs. The OMRON full family of automation technology fills in your entire production line.

As the leader in industrial automation, OMRON offers products that help manufacturers fulfill the needs of mass customization, and address issues related to rising labor costs and labor shortages.

Along with mobile robots, OMRON provides a variety of automation equipment and devices that range from control components and vision sensors to controllers and servomotors, as well as an array of safety devices and fixed robots.

LD Series Features 4


OMRON Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core

The OMRON Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) solution provides an intelligent fleet management system that monitors mobile robot locations, traffic flow, and job requests, ensuring your factory operates at peak efficiency.

By automating robot tasks, our FLOW Core solution also reduces programming in your manufacturing execution system (MES) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

− Displays robot location and status

− Displays job queue

− Prioritizes important jobs

− Selects fastest routes based on human and robot traffic

− Identifies blocked paths and creates alternative routes

− Optimizes job assignments

− Optimizes battery charging

LD Series
LD Series

LD Series

LD Series


Our safe and intelligent navigation leads the industry in speed and accuracy. Using multiple systems, our robots learn to become even more efficient after they’re installed. Every robot in our fleet acts as a sensor to map out the most challenging environments and optimize its performance, from navigating tight aisles to planning the most efficient routes.

− Dynamic obstacle avoidance

− Faster navigation times

− Smoother driving

− Fast goal approach speeds

− Superior alignment at goals

LD Series
LD Series


OMRON mobile robots are easy to get up and running, requiring no construction such as the installation of magnets, and minimal programming. In addition, our software integrates with your other systems so you can get the solution up and running in minimal time.

− No construction required

− Easy integration with MES, ERP, and WMS

− Enhanced security to comply with IT systems

− Autonomous navigation doesn’t require preset routes, magnets, or beacons

− Automatic software updates across fleet while maintaining continuous work flow

LD Series


OMRON mobile robots are fundamentally built to serve human workers.

Designed to meet the industry’s latest requirements, our mobile robots interact with people to promote a collaborative, safe working environment. Safety lasers and sonar allow our robots to detect obstacles in their path and prevent collisions.

Safety Features

− Avoids static and moving obstacles

− Additional E-stops easily added

− Complies with ISO EN1525, JIS D6802 and ANSI B56.5 safety standards

LD Series


Meet the strongest member of OMRON’s family of mobile robots.

OMRON is proud to announce the release of the LD250, our latest automated mobile robot with a payload capacity of 250kg.

The LD250 is based on the same tested-and-proven technology used in the industry-leading LD90, with a higher payload capacity and tougher metal skins. Customers can now load more onto robots, or make fewer trips with heavier batches, ultimately doing more with less equipment.

Working seamlessly into an integrated OMRON mobile fleet, the LD250 can allow customers to optimize their traffic management, battery management, and routing of vehicles with a more diverse fleet.

LD Series

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