Autonics, BD Series
Laser Displacement Sensors
BD Series
The BD series laser displacement sensors can measure thickness, width, level difference, disparity, curve, evenness of target objects by detecting the amount of displacement. The sensors offer accurate and stable measurement regardless of target color or material. The sensor head and amplifier unit are detachable for easier maintenance and up to 8 sensor amplifier units can be interconnected with mutual interference prevention function

  • Easy maintenance with detachable sensor head/amplifier unit
  • Maximum resolution: 1㎛ (vary by model)
  • Accurate measurement regardless of target color or material
  • Interconnection of up to 8 sensor amplifier units: Mutual interference prevention function and auto channel sorting
  • Various calculation functions supported (addition, subtraction, average)
  • Various filter functions for stable measurement (movement average, differential, median)
  • Auto sensitivity adjustment (1-point, 2-point teaching)
  • DIN rail and wall mount support (bracket accessory required for wall mount)
  • Sensor head: IP67 protection structure
    *Korea patent pending 2017-0043925*
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    Accurate Displacement Measurement on Various Materials

    The sensors can accurately detect various target material or color including black/white paper, stainless steel, rubber, PCB, etc.



    Easy Configuration with Movement Average, Differential, and Median Filters

    Movement average, differential, and median filters allow for accurate and stable correction in measurement values in the event of sudden changes from mechanical noise or other variables.


    removes any sudden value changes.


    averages the measured values to reduce the overall changes to the measurement values.


    transmits the differential value between current and previous measured values. Used to measure sudden changes in value.

    Various Calculation Functions

    Supports various calculation functions (OFF, ADD-AB, SUB-AB, AVG)

    - OFF: independent measurement (calculation function not used)
    - ADD-AB: Adds the measured values from sensor heads A/B (used to measure thickness)
    - SUB-AB: Subtracts the measured values from sensor heads A/B (used to measure level difference/ disparity)
    - AVG: averages the measured values from all connected sensor heads (used to measure evenness)
    - Cannot use more than 2 calculation functions with interconnected sensor amplifier units

    Interconnection of Sensor Amplifier Units and Mutual

    Interference Prevention

    Up to 8 sensor amplifier units can be interconnected. The channels for the amplifier units are automatically sorted when connected together. (Each sensor amplifier unit requires independent power supply)


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