Omron, E3ZM-V Series
SS Housing Compact Color Mark Sensors
E3ZM-V Series
Color Mark Detection in a World-standard Size (11 × 21 × 32 mm), with High-speed Response (50 µs) and Accuracy in Spite of Sensing Object Movement

Color Mark Sensors Now Join the E3ZM Series of Photoelectric Sensors for the Food Industry

Space-saving Design with an SUS316L Housing (E3ZM Standard Size)

The compact design reduces volume by 90% compared with previous OMRON models.

And the world-standard dimensions contribute to standardized installation specifications.

E3ZM-V Features 2

Coaxial Optical System in a Compact Design

Although the E3ZM-V is only 11 × 21 × 32 mm, it uses a coaxial optical system.

Even if the sensing object is inclined, reflected light is captured with the coaxial optical system to provide stable detection.

E3ZM-V Features 3

IP69K Degree of Protection with an SUS316L Housing (Same Durability as the E3ZM)

The housing is constructed of corrosion-resistant SUS316L, and the display cover is PES (polyethersulfone). Both materials are highly resistant to the effects of detergents and disinfectants. IP69K degree of protection also allows the E3ZM-V to withstand washing with high-temperature, high-pressure water. This makes the E3ZM-V well suited to use in sites requiring a high level of hygiene.

E3ZM-V Features 4

Cutting-edge Technologies Give This Color Mark Sensor Its Compact Size and Superior Performance.

Improved Color-difference Discrimination, RGB Signal Processing

Discriminates fine color differences which was difficult for previous OMRON models.

Teaching enables automatic selection of ideal colors.

Plus, response is a fast 50 μs for both ON and OFF operation.
(Patent pending)

E3ZM-V Features 6

Easy Setting with 2-point and Automatic Teaching

2-point Teaching (Manual)

Simply aim the beam spot at the mark portion and background portion, and press the teaching button.

E3ZM-V Features 8

Automatic Teaching (Remote)

Send a pulse to the remote control input and have the mark pass by seven times for automatic teaching.
(Note: There is no answer-back output.)

E3ZM-V Features 9

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