Omron, D6FZ-FGT Series
Airflow Sensors
D6FZ-FGT Series
The best Product to Measure Compressed Air at Machine. Measurement of Leakage and Usage.

Easy to Read

11-segment 8-digit LCD [First in the industry!*]

The characters are easy to read, and the total flow rate can be checked in a glance.

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 2

Display Reversal

You can reverse the display direction to match the installation direction.
Always use one of the specified installation directions.

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 3

High Accuracy

Highly Accurate Flow Measurements

An OMRON MEMS chip is used to achieve the highest accuracy in the industry* of ±2% F.S. (at 50 L/min or less).

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 5

Leakage Measurement

A high measurement accuracy of ±0.5% F.S. is achieved at a low flow rate of less than 50 L/min.
This allows you to identify the air flow that is discarded as leakage when machines are not operating to save money.

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 6

Zero Reset

You can use the zero reset to identify seasonal or day/night variations in the flow rates.

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 7

Other Features

Flow Straightener with Honeycomb Structure

A honeycomb structure effectively straightens the flow to keep pressure loss low.

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 9

Main Features

  • One analog output
  • Two pulse outputs
  • RS-485 communications
  • IP65
  • Display
  • Threshold values (peak, bottom, and leak)
  • Peak/Bottom hold
  • Auto-tuning
  • Key lock

Feature Comparison

D6FZ-FGT Series Features 11

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