Omron, MM Series
Power Relays
MM Series
Stable Contact Reliability and Long Life

• Easy to mount, wire, and use.

• A large selection of models including various contact forms, DC-switching models, and open models.

• Mechanical life: 5,000,000 operations; electrical life (under rated load): 500,000 operations.

• Models also available with built-in diodes and for use as auxiliary power relays.

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GOC 43 defines quality and performance."All-in-one-controller" features an impressive array of functions with simple touch screen operations which is immensely user friendly and convenient to use.
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The SFC-R series safety controllers are used together with safety input devices (switches, sensors, etc.) to provide safe working environments. The controllers feature self-diagnosis function and safety integrity to meet safety standards. The space-saving slim design and screw or screw-less push-in connection allows easy installation.
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