Omron, V400-R2 Series
Multi Code Readers
V400-R2 Series
The ultra-small multi-code reader that can handle speed

The Ultra-small Multi-code Reader That Can Handle Speed

Multi Code Reader
V400-R2 Series

V400-R2 Features 2

Improves Machine Takt Time with the Fastest Reading in the Class: Reads Moving Objects at Up to 500 m/min*

It is not just the size that makes this Reader easy to build into equipment. It enables stable reading of moving objects on high-speed lines. Build it into equipment to read moving objects, which is achieved with a new algorithm.
* Performance may depend on the code that is read and the printing conditions.

V400-R2 Features 3

Stable Reading of Imperfect Codes

The V400-R2 with its new algorithm is adept even the most imperfect codes. Even for codes that were previously difficult to read, you can change the exposure time and gain to achieve the optimum settings to enable reading.

Distance Variations

There are two models in the lineup to let you select the field of view or installation distance that is best for the equipment type. Both models are the same size, so additional design work is not necessary to change the model.

Reading Test Switch Provided

We achieved an operation that is simple enough for essentially anyone. Just press the Scan button on the Reader to perform a read test. The results are provided with the Read OK indicator and buzzer.

V400-R2 Features 6

Aiming [Positioning Function]

A guide light lets you easily find the ideal installation position. You can easily and quickly position the codes with the aiming function.

V400-R2 Features 7

Body Resists Environments to IP65

IP65 protection is provided because that is generally the level that is required to build devices into equipment.
That enables reliable application in harsh environments subject to water and mist.

Verification with Master Data

You can verify character strings to see if they match preset master data without a special device.

GS1-Databar (RSS) Supported

The data-rich GS1-Databar (RSS code) Bar Codes can also be read. This enables reliable applications in the pharmaceutical industry, where GS1-Databar (RSS code) Bar Codes are becoming popular.

V400-R2 Features 10

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