Autonics, BWML Series
Line Beam Mapping Sensors
BWML Series
The BWML series line beam mapping sensors are optimized for glass substrate detection by using location image mapping method to minimize non-detection area and influence from harsh external conditions. The sensors support CC-Link and EtherCAT communication protocols and feature channel editing function which allows users to change pixels or edit sensing channel area with a connected PC. IP67 protection structure allows stable and error-free operation even in wet or dusty environments. The line beam mapping sensors can be used to detect display panels on transport cassettes.

    Common Features

  • High performance lens with long sensing distance 1.Through-beam type: 30 m 2.Diffuse reflective type: 1 m 3.Retroreflective type: 3 m (MS-2A)
  • Stable glass substrate detection using line beam detection with minimal non-detection area
  • Sensing distance: 95 ±10 mm
  • Customized models available: sensing channels, sensing target pitch (min. 20 mm), sensing area (280 to 1595 mm)
  • Communication output: CC-Link (ver 1.1, 2.0), EtherCAT
  • Easy installation with installation instruction mode and background sensing mode
  • Channel interference alarm, 5-stage sensing level setting, emitter/receiver error alarm
  • Bright status indicators
  • closed-loop

    Customized Models Available

  • Users can order customized models with different sensing channels and sensing target pitch size depending on user requirements.
  • closed-loop

    Line Beam Sensing Method for Stable Glass Substrate Detection

    The diffuse reflective line beam method with location image mapping minimizes non-detection area and influence from harsh external conditions. This sensing method allows stable detection of ultra-thin glass substrates.


    Installation Instruction Mode and Auto Teaching Function

    The installation instruction mode allows users to check if the detection target object is in proper position using the output indicators. The auto teaching function allows all sensing channels to be set in uniform light amount for optimal sensitivity setting.


    Sensing Level Setting to Minimize Influence from Bent Glass or Scattered Reflections

    The sensing level setting allows optimal sensing with minimal influence from bent glass or scattered reflections. The sensing level can be set between 1 to 5 sensitivity levels for stable detection in various environment settings. If the mapping sensor or cassettes are bent, sensitivity adjustments can be made without removing the glass substrates.


    CC-Link, EtherCAT Communication Protocol Support

    The units offer support for CC-Link or EtherCAT communication support and also offer options for connector type connection or terminal type connection.


    Channel Interference and External Light Alarm Function

    When a sensing channel is interfered by another glass substrate or the receiver receives external light besides the light from the emitter, the status indicator and the channel indicator will blink respectively. This will start the alarm output allowing stable and error-free operation.


    Channel Editing Function Using Connected PC

    Users can change pixels or edit sensing area with the channel editing function by connecting the units to a PC using USB connection.


    Check Operation Status with Bright Indicators

    The bright indicators allow users to easily check operation and communication status even from long distances.


    IP67 Protection Structure

    IP67 protection structure allows stable and error-free operation even in wet or dusty environments.


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