Autonics, BWC Series
Cross Beam Area Sensors
BWC Series
The BWC cross-beam type area sensors utilize a 3-point cross-beam method detection to minimize non-detection area and provide reliable detection. 7 different configurations are available based on the number of optical axes, optical pitch, and detection area size. The sensors provide reliable detection even in areas with high ambient light, up to 100,000 lx. The series also features various user-friendly functions including installation mode function, mutual interference prevention function, and self-diagnosis functions.

* 3-point cross-beam type detection minimizes non-detection area
* Long sensing distance up to 7 m
* 7 configurations (number of optics: 4 to 20 / optical pitch: 40, 80 mm / detection area: 120 to 1,040 mm)
* Easy installation with installation mode function
* Mutual interference prevention function, self-diagnosis function
* Bright LED indicators on emitter and receiver
* IP65 protection structure (IEC standard)

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