Omron, K6PM-TH Series
Thermal condition monitoring device
K6PM-TH Series
Consistently and remotely monitor and analysis the temperature status of panel devices to achieve both labor-saving and significant risk mitigation of abnormal stop

Automatic capture of temperature deviation in a panel for maintenance labors, to achieve both labor-saving and significant risk mitigation of abnormal stop

Issues on site

Parts to check are increasing as devices and wires in a panel increase for high-functioned facilities and equipment. On the other hand, maintenance frequency is decreasing due to shortage of the maintenance engineers, resulting in a higher risk of accident.


New way of maintenance

  • Covering the skilled maintenance engineers, the thermal condition monitoring device constantly monitors temperatures of the whole panel.
  • Automated collection and analysis of the temperature data enables to identify a device failure automatically.

Measurement applications using K6PM-TH


Visualizing the temperature in a panel accurately without opening the panel door

Optimal installation regardless of the locations thanks to the wide viewing angle and the compact body.

Wide viewing angle lens
E2B Features 5

Infrared temperature sensor (Special thermal Imaging sensor) K6PM-THS

E2B Features 5

Environmental resistance

Assuring a normal operation under a harsh environment

E2B Features 7

Easy mount

Mount with a magnet or a commercially attachment on the backside of the door is available.

E2B Features 7
E2B Features 7

Contributing to an early detection of abnormality by our proprietary algorithm

[Features 1] Predicting the temperature rise deviations, and notifying the dangerous level of abnormal exothermic.

E2B Features 7

[Features 2] Enable to predict an abnormal exothermic of the devices in an environment where the ambient temperature significantly varies.

E2B Features 7

[Features 3] Auto setting of the optimum threshold for the complicated temperature distribution in a panel.

E2B Features 7

System configuration and software tool

"Thermal Condition Monitoring Tool" enables the setting and logging of K6PM-TH. K6PM-TH linked with a PC via an Ethernet cable enables you to recognize the temperature status in panels and warning alarms at one view on a remote PC.


With Thermal Condition Monitoring Tool you can...

Constantly and remotely visualize the temperature status of the panel in multiple points where K6PM-TH are installed.


Quickly know the analyzing results of the measurements at one view


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