Omron, E5AC-T Series
96*96mm Large Display Temperature Controllers
E5AC-T Series
96 × 96 mm. Programmable Controllers Join the E5[]C Series! Program up to 256 segments can handle a wide variety of applications.

Highly Visible White PV (Process Value) Display and Three-level-Display
Easier Confirmation

Easy-to-read White Characters with Largest Display Size in the Industry *1

White characters on a black background combine with the largest display size in the industry to achieve superior visibility.
You can quickly and reliably check the PV from wide viewing angles, with natural light or in the subdued lighting condtions.
*1. According to OMRON investigation, November.

Three-level Display that is easy to understand. *2

You can display the PV (white) and the SV (green) along with the program progression (PRG and SEG (yellow)).
These are all visible simultaneously so that you don’t have to switch the display.
*2. Excluding the E5CC-T.

The program and segment numbers are displayed to show program progression.

E5AC-T Features 4

Special Setup Software for Easy Setup
Commission Machines Even Faster

USB Bus Power Eliminates the Need for a Power Supply

Even if you don’t connect a power supply to the Controller, power is supplied from the computer.

E5AC-T Features 6

CX-Thermo *4 Special Setup Software for Easy Setup

Just use computer key operations to easily achieve complex setups.
You can greatly reduce the required setup work.
*4. CX-Thermo version 4.61 or higher is required.

Up to 8 Programs with 32 Segments Each
A Wide Range of Applications

For complex temperature control, you can set up to 32 segments in each program, for a total of 256 program segments.

E5AC-T Features 9

Dependable Basic Performance

  • High-speed sampling period at 50 ms
  • Control period of 0.1 s or 0.2 s.
  • Universal input on all models
  • Programless communications
  • Number of event inputs
    E5CC-T: 4 max.
    E5EC-T/E5AC-T: 6 max.
  • Number of auxiliary outputs
    E5CC-T: 3
    E5EC-T/E5AC-T: 4

Easier Operation at Worksite

Parameter Mask Function
Prevent Incorrect Settings and Operating Mistakes

You can hide the parameters that do not need to be displayed depends on the worksite.
You can easily make the settings from a computer with the CX-Thermo Special Setup Software.
Unnecessary parameters are not displayed at worksite, which prevents operating mistakes by workers.

E5AC-T Features 12

Shift Key
Reduce Setting work to Enter Values

For example, to set 100°C, it was previously necessary to increment one degree at a time with a key, but with the shift key (<<PF), you can instantly change the digit.
This simplifies numeric entry at worksite, where many parameter settings are required for program control.

E5AC-T Features 13

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