Omron, G70D-VSOC16 / VFOM16
16 Ch. Relay Terminals (Vertical Type)
G70D-VSOC16 / VFOM16
Easy-to-use, Space-saving 16-point Output Block

• Slim terminal block is just 135 × 40 mm (W × D).

• Independent contacts and short bars allow easy common connections.

• An Expansion Terminal Block can be mounted for power line connections.

• M3.5 fork-type crimp terminals (with a maximum terminal width of 6.2 mm) can be used.

• Lever mechanism allows Relays to be installed and removed easily without tools.

• Relay models and power MOSFET Relay models are available.

• Equipped with operation indicators.

• Can be combined with a DRT2-OD32ML I/O Terminal for DeviceNet connectivity or an SRT2-VOD16ML Connector Terminal for CompoBus/S connectivity.

• Built-in diode absorbs coil surge.

• Mount either to DIN rail or via screws.

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