Omron, E3NX-FA Series
Smart Fiber Amplifier Units
E3NX-FA Series
The Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units That Handles On-site Needs


The No. 1 Performance Worldwide*1 for Even More Applications

Best Performance in the World*1

E3NX-FA Features 3

*1. For performance (sensing distance and minimum sensing object) based on November 2013 OMRON investigation.
*2. Compared with E3X-HD.

Three Technologies That Support High Performance

*3. Compared with E3X-HD for normal operation processing.
*4. Model with 1 output: 30 μs, model with 2 outputs: 32 μs.


Easily Handle a Wide Range of Applications with the Press of a Single Button

Consistent Settings for All Users
Smart Tuning Settings [PAT.P]

E3NX-FA Features 7

Automatic Adjustment to Optimum Incident Level
Wide Light Intensity Adjustment Range from Transparent Objects to Black Workpieces

E3NX-FA Features 8

Wider light intensity adjustment range of 40,000 times (Conventional models*2: 2,000 times) You can automatically adjust the light intensity to an optimum value for stable detection even with saturated or insufficient incident light.
*2. E3X-HD


Two Decision Support Functions to Help You

Visual Displays of the Passing Time and Difference in Incident Levels.
Solution Viewer [PAT.P]

E3NX-FA Features 11

Selecting Fiber Units

Just about anyone can make a quantitative decision without special skills.

E3NX-FA Features 12

Setting Optimum Thresholds and Modes

You can see the passing time and difference in incident levels to facilitate manual setup.

E3NX-FA Features 13

Visual Information for Fast Workpieces
Change Finder [PAT.P]

You can confirm changes in displayed values for fast workpieces to accurately set the threshold.

Advanced DPC (Dynamic Power Control) [PAT.P]

Predictive Maintenance to Reduce Downtime

An alarm output* has been added to the DPC that automatically compensates differences in the incident level. A maintenance signal is output when the incident level drops due to dirt or vibration for use in predictive maintenance. (We recommend DPC for through-beam or retro-reflective models.)
*An alarm output is supported only on models with two outputs.

E3NX-FA Features 16

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