Omron, E3X-DA-S / MDA Series
Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units
E3X-DA-S / MDA Series
Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units

Models available for a wide variety of applications at manufacturing sites

Industry Leading Two Amplifiers Loaded in a Small Body . . . . 2-channel models

Two amplifiers are loaded in a 10 mm-wide body.
Space usability can be approximately doubled. In addition, approximately 40% of the energy can be saved.
(compared to the value per channel of the former model)

E3X-DA-S / MDA Features 2

High-speed and High-resolution Analog Output Supports Wide Variety of Applications . . . .Advanced Analog Output Models

Analog Control Output

E3X-DA-S / MDA Features 4

The voltage in the range of 1 to 5 V is output according to the incident level (digital display). Wide variety of applications is possible including positioning control or difference detection with multiple levels.

High-speed and High Resolution

E3X-DA-S / MDA Features 5

Detection modes can be switched in accordance with applications.
High-speed response of 80 μs (super-high-speed mode) supports the positioning controls that require high-speed control.

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