Autonics, BF5 Series
Digital Fiber Amplifiers
BF5 Series
The BF5 series fiber optic amplifiers are available in single and dual display models. The units feature 5 different response speed settings, for flexible and reliable detection of fast moving targets or small objects. With integrated mutual interference prevention, reliable detection is possible with multiple units (up to 8 units) with connection using side connectors. Other features include saturation prevention function, inverted display, and simple sensitivity adjustment settings. Red, green, and blue LED light source models are available for diverse applications.

* Available in dual and single display models
* Dual digital display for displaying current value and set value (BF5□-D)
* 5 response speeds
   - Ultra-fast mode (50 ㎲), fast mode (150 ㎲), standard mode (500 ㎲), long-distance mode (4 ms), ultra-long-distance mode (10 ms)
* Display range: 0-4000 (standard mode), 0-9999 (long-distance mode)
* Saturation prevention function: prevent errors from saturation of received light
* Inverted display: invert displays depending on installation for easier reading
* Long term stability without diode deterioration and minimal influence from temperature changes
* Simple sensitivity adjustment settings
* Multiple sensitivity setting modes
   - Auto-tuning, one-point teaching (maximum sensitivity), two-point teaching, position teaching
* Mutual interference prevention allows adjacent installation (up to 8 units) with side connectors
* Auto channel setting function for easy configuration of multiple units
* Various LED light sources (red, green, blue) available for diverse applications
* Slim and compact design (W 10 x H 30 x L 70 mm)

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