Omron, E3X-HD Series
Smart Fiber Amplifier Units
E3X-HD Series
Surprisingly Stable Detection with Your Finger tip. Exceptionally easy operation and stabilizing technology reduce maintenance cost.


No Maintenance

[Smart Power Control] Long-term stable detection with no maintenance

E3X-HD Features 3

Smart Power Control function detects the decrease in light intensity due to LED aged deterioration and the decrease in incident level due to dirt, then automatically compensates the optimum detection condition. You get maintenance-free operation that withstands the ambient environments.

Maintenance-free operation by double compensation of light intensity and incident level

E3X-HD Features 4

Detect Workpieces compensation without concern for Color and Size

Lighting element GIGA RAY II is equipped that margin of detection on all scenes has been realized

E3X-HD Features 6

Unparalleled power of GIGA RAY II, with the highest level stably detects large workpieces and low-reflective workpieces such as black rubber whose detection was unstable before.

Maintenance cost is furthermore reduced!
Open network is supported

・Greatly reduce wiring work for Fiber Amplifiers with zero-line connection.
・You can change settings from an external device to greatly reduce setup work.
・Connection of multiple units is available. (E3X-CRT: 16 units, E3X-ECT: 30 units)

E3X-HD Features 7


Consistent Settings for All Users [PAT.P]

[Smart Tuning] Easy and optimum settings for anyone

Just press the button once with a workpiece and once without a workpiece to automatically set the optimum incident level and threshold regardless of the workpiece.
The optimum settings can be performed regardless of skills and languages.
The setting dispersion of the Sensors is also eliminated to enable smoothly shifting from trial production to mass production, which contributes to the reduction of introduction cost.

E3X-HD Features 11
E3X-HD Features 12
E3X-HD Features 13


Smart Tuning evolved from the popular power tuning feature of conventional Amplifiers, and yet is easier to use.
It enables easily reproducing stable detection conditions by newcomers or by operators on a site of the factory overseas. The incident level is displayed without modification (0 to 9,999) to make it easier to understand and to provide operators with a sense of ease with the larger numbers.

Let the E3X-HD Help You Save Energy

[Smart Eco Drive] Contribute to energy saving of equipment

The increased power efficiency of the newly developed GIGA RAY II and the new circuit design reduce power consumption by 25% over conventional models. This supports saving energy and power in your equipment. Power consumption of only 720 mW has been realized in operation in Normal Mode. And there are no restrictions to sensing distance and response time.

E3X-HD Features 16


You can use more Sensors with the same power supply capacity as before.

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